Why do you need Social Media for your business?

  • It can provide an intimate conversation with current and potential clients.
  • Learn what your customers are saying about your product or service
  • Send announcements about special pricing, promotions, events, product updates, and conduct informal interviews with your customers.
  • Boost your overall exposure and build interest, here’s some great success stories http://mashable.com/2009/10/21/social-media-small-businesses/

Online Marketing, also known as Internet Marketing or Online advertising, has become popular for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is that marketers can target a larger audience for a relatively lower cost than traditional media. Also, the medium is more interactive and generally solicits a more instant response than other methods. With analytics in place, you can track ROI that is otherwise difficult to do when purchasing traditional media or using traditional PR methods.

Many companies know they need to be on Social Media, but don’t know where to start. Or, companies that have found themselves on Social Media are now realizing they need a strategy and formula, plus ability to track ROI and measure conversions. MKP Creative specializes in making Social Media part of your brand, an extension of your Public Relations campaigns, and converting a stagnant customer base to an active one.

Do you have the time or energy to manage it yourself?

Managing and maintaining your online visibility requires a lot of time. You can feel overwhelmed and exhausted, with no idea where to start or how to maintain your online presence. Understanding each platform can take months to learn, along with all of the applications and other important tools.

Basic Package can include all of the following or combined selections to build your perfect package, based on your company needs and goals:

Twitter Audience Building

MKP Creative uses a highly intuitive method to build a Twitter following that is precisely targeted to the client’s product. It is with this proprietary blend of software and specialized knowledge that MKP Creative builds your clients a thriving presence on Twitter, and a following that responds to what the client offers.

Community Management

One way MKP Creative ensures the client’s following on Twitter is filled with essential prospective customers is by zeroing out the noise. Just like any other online social network community, Twitter has its share of spam accounts. MKP Creative has the tools to muzzle the noise that spam creates, noise that usually drowns out client’s tweets. By intercepting spam messages in the Direct Message box, MKP Creative allows the client to interact only with the real and valuable messages from their community members.

Community Communication

The key to follower retention, whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, is through consistent and relevant updates. These updates keep the client’s customers engaged with posts that pertain directly to the client’s business. As a team of social media specialists, we create updates that are targeted directly at the client’s followers, which converts them from a following to an active fanbase. This conversion can then be utilized to generate sales or perform customer service duties.

Facebook Fan Page Management

We understand that a Facebook Page is the ultimate place for businesses to engage their customers. We offer a complete service that includes creating a custom Facebook landing page, daily targeted updates and incoming wall post management.

We can also include LinkedIn profile creation and account management.
The pricing depends on how much and what work is needed/wanted.

Consulting is also available on an hourly basis, either in person or virtually. Combine Social Media offerings with a complete SEO/SEM package for total Internet coverage.

Contact MKP Creative to create a specific package or inquire about hourly rates. Schedule a FREE consultation by clicking on the FREE Consultation button now!