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“The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.” -Mark Twain

MKP clients enjoy press coverage both locally and nationally, depending on the goals of the campaign. People tend to confuse PR and advertising, but the truth is that they are quite distinct. While good advertising can bring your business plenty of publicity, there is nothing like great PR to give you that boost in the public eye.

MKP Creative specializes in garnering you attention through “earned media,” which is to say, we work with you to develop your unique voice and story, and then we approach the media with these stories and highlight the value they bring to their audience. It takes a lot more effort to create good PR, but it is well worth it, since this method is far more effective for publicizing your business.

Advertising can be expensive, and needs to be done consistently in order to give you a return on investment. Earned Media, or Public and Media Relations, is more affordable, and gives your company a more authentic presence in the public eye. The audience knows the difference between a paid spot, and an earned spot. Here are some examples of why PR and Media Relations may be the best route for your business.

Earned media fosters authentic conversations.

Paid media pushes information out.

Earned media helps drive consumer engagement.

Paid media is based on a one-way, bullhorn model.

Earned social media conversations are organic.

Paid social media conversations tend to be focused on marketing.

Earned media enables interaction with clients and brands.

Paid media offers an introduction to goods and services.

Earned media is more targeted.

Paid media casts a wider net.

Earned media is distributed via endless channels of information.

Paid media is distributed on limited channels of information.

Earned social media is prioritized for organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Paid social media is prioritized for paid SEO.

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